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FIFA Women's World Cup 2011
Hi levivo

I spent hours trawlling through German eBay for my list. I've no idea why only 7 countries. I'll keep checking to see if more players become available. How did you compile your list?

FIFA Women's World Cup 2011
Hi levivo

My list only includes 60 players, I know I am missing at least one from Nigeria:


Nadine Angerer
Kim Kulig
Alexandra Popp
Linda Bresonik
Martina Müller
Birgit Prinz
Inka Grings
Kerstin Garefrekes
Simone Laudehr
Fatmire Bajramaj
Ariane Hingst


Amy Rodrigues
Rachel Buehler
Alex Morgan
Carli Lloyd
Abby Wambach
Heather Mitts
Hope Solo
Heather O’Reilly
Stephanie Cox

New Zealand

Kirsty Yallop
Amber Hearn
Rosie White
Ali Riley
Jenny Bindon
Ria Percival
Hannah Wilkinson
Betsa Hasset
Hannah Wall


Gladys Akpa
Precious Dede
Onome Ebi
Stella Mbachu
Perpetua Nkwocha
Grace Okoronkwo
Ebere Orji


Laure Lepailleur
Elise Bussaglia
Corinne Franco
Laure Boulleau
Gaetane Thiney
Elodie Thomis
Celine Deville
Marie-Laure Delie

Guinea Ecuatorial

Gloria Chinasa Okoro
Salimata Simpore
Pereira Carolina
Ghislaine Noah Nke
Sinforosa Eyang
Jade Boho
Mirian Silva Paixao
Natali Abeso


Nilla Fischer
Kosovare Asllani
Caroline Seger
Lisa Dahlkvist
Antonia Göransson
Lotta Schelin
Hedvig Lindahl
Lina Nilsson

Thai Premier League 2011 Sticker
Thanks for typing out all those details, it's much appreciated.

Panini stickers featuring Panini Sticker Albums
Panini stickers featuring Panini Sticker Albums

I know that the Italian Calciatori collections sometimes include stickers that show previous seasons' album covers, this past season being a case in point. They also did something similar back in the 1970s. But these are different....

However the stickers I've listed below seem to have been released around 1988. I don't own any of them so can't provide pictures.

Does anyone have any information at all on these stickers?

Voetball 87
Turk Futbolu
Supersport (with Maradona on the cover)
Scanlen’s Football (Aussie Rules)
Football (Greece) ?
Munchen 74
Mexico 86
Mexico 70
Fussball 87
Football 87 (Switzerland)
Football 87 (UK)
Football 87 (France)
Football 87 (Belgium)
Espana 82
Argentina 78

Panini - Calciatori 1970-71
Thanks very much for your help, I just had a list of names for Monza and didn't realise the two missing names actually fell inbetween ONOR and SOLDO.

It's very nice to complete an old Panini checklist, thanks again for you help.

Some of the other old Panini Calciatori checklists that aren't complete include the following:

1961-62 16 missing (?)
1962-63 10 (Vechie Glorie)
1964-65 4 missing (Coppa del Mondo)
1965-66 Only have Serie A
1967-68 Only have Serie A
1998-99 14 missing

Panini - Calciatori 1970-71

I'm missing the names of 2 Monza players from this collection. The ones I have are:

Pinotti & Cazzaniga (Monza)
Onor & Soldo (Monza)
Deho & Pepe (Monza)
Bertogna & Lanzetti (Monza)
Mondonico & Prato (Monza)

Can anyone help with the missing names.

Players from Serie B appeared 2 per sticker in this collection.

Thai Premier League 2011 Sticker

Is anyone able to type up the checklist for just the first few stickers?

Football Champ South Africa 2010 checklist
7 cards added to the list, with thanks to Mark for e-mailing the details.