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Ligue 1 Chipz de Foot!

You'll find a checklist for this collection here:



Alan's wishlist
Bet I won't get any PM's about these......

R&J HILL .. .. Sports Series 1934 .. 30. ARSENAL v CARDIFF CITY
R&J HILL .. .. Sports Series 1934 .. 31. ARSENAL v CARDIFF CITY
R&J HILL .. .. Untitled (Sports) 1934 .. 30. ARSENAL v CARDIFF CITY
R&J HILL .. .. Untitled (Sports) 1934 .. 31. ARSENAL v CARDIFF CITY
PATTREIOUEX .. .. Photos Of Football Stars .. 1. W.HARDY (CARDIFF CITY)
PATTREIOUEX .. .. Photos Of Football Stars .. 8. T.FARQUHARSON (CARDIFF CITY)
PINNACE .. .. Large Size: .. 69, 264, 421, 491, 518, 519, 520, 521
PINNACE .. .. Cabinet: .. 261,262,263,264,421,491,518,519,520,521,1496-7-8,1500
BARRATT .. .. 260 Cricketers, Footballers & Teams .. NNO. W.HARDY (CARDIFF CITY)
BARRATT .. .. 260 Cricketers, Footballers & Teams .. NNO. W.DAVIES (CARDIFF CITY)
BARRATT .. .. 260 Cricketers, Footballers & Teams .. NNO. J. NICHOLSON (CARDIFF CITY)
BARRATT .. .. 100 Football Stars .. 37. W.HARDY (CARDIFF CITY)
J.C.BATTOCK .. .. 96 Cricket & Football Teams .. 1. CARDIFF CITY F.C.
BOYS MAGAZINE .. .. 12 Transfers of Footballers .. NNO. L.DAVIES (CARDIFF CITY)
FM (FRED MORGAN) FOODS .. .. Welsh Footballers & Cricketers .. 9. HAROLD BEADLES (CARDIFF CITY)
POPPLETONS .. .. 95 Footballers - ZJ5-30 .. NNO. J.BLAIR (CARDIFF CITY)
POPPLETONS .. .. 95 Footballers - ZJ5-30 .. NNO. F.KEENOR (CARDIFF CITY)
TUCKETTS .. .. 25 Football Stars .. 1. W.HARDY (CARDIFF CITY)
TUCKETTS .. .. 25 Football Stars .. 5. H.FERGUSON (CARDIFF CITY)
TUCKETTS .. .. 25 Football Stars .. 8. T.FARQUHARSON (CARDIFF CITY)
JOHN O. BARKER .. .. 25 Footballers .. 18. TREVOR FORD (CARDIFF CITY)
BARRATT .. .. Famous Footballers Altered A9 .. 7. DEREK TAPSCOTT (CARDIFF CITY)
LIAM DEVLIN .. .. 50 Famous Footballers A1 .. 9. TREVOR FORD (CARDIFF CITY)(trimmed, not trimmed)
LIAM DEVLIN .. .. 50 Famous Footballers A1 .. 25. ALF SHERWOOD (CARDIFF CITY) (trimmed)
LIAM DEVLIN .. .. 50 Famous Footballers A2 .. 25. ALF SHERWOOD (CARDIFF CITY) (not trimmed)
LIAM DEVLIN .. .. 50 Famous Footballers New Ser. .. 15. ALF SHERWOOD (CARDIFF CITY) (trimmed)
CAVALCADE .. .. Stars Of The Future - 08-01-1949 .. 15. STAN MONTGOMERY (CARDIFF CITY)
CAVALCADE .. .. History of Famous Soccer Clubs .. 10. W. BAKER (CARDIFF CITY)
CAVALCADE .. .. Spot The Player - 17-09-1949 .. NNO. STAN MONTGOMERY (CARDIFF CITY)

Also wanted:

Posted Image


1991/1992 Shooting Stars Auto
396 cards, 6 Autographs and 6 variations.

Checklist here:



Panini 88 (?) - Anyone got a checklist?
I've been out all today, just noriced this thread. Here's the checklist:



UEFA U 21 Championship

All I know is this - no idea how many stickers in the collection....



The Summer Transfer Window 2013-2014
Our first signing of the summer....

Cardiff City Football Club have today reached an agreement with F.C. Copenhagen for the services of Andreas Cornelius, the 20 year old striker set to join the club for an undisclosed fee on completion of his medical.

Andreas was top league scorer in his first full season in the 2012/13 Danish Superliga, scoring eighteen goals in thirty two appearances, while also playing and scoring for the club in the Europa League last season. As a result of his contributions, Andreas was named 2013 F.C. Copenhagen Player of the Year.

A left footed powerful striker, the forward has also represented Denmark at full international level after making his way through the under 18, 19 and 21 ranks.

His first Cardiff City interview will be right here on Cardiff City Player following the completion of his medical.

Read more at http://www.cardiffcityfc.co.uk/news/article/cornelius-set-to-join-city-882789.aspx#hGR6rFwXXpI6Phg6.99


My Trading card blog.
AYA - those Match Day Cards look stunning. Is your Japanese blog still available to view?


Limited Editions
Image of Markus Henriksen Limited Edition:


Reading - 50s, 60s, 70s comics
I'm going to Reading the last weekend in June. I've recently become interested in comics from when I was a young boy. I wondered if anyone knew anywhere in Reading that sold old comics like Lion, Tiger, Eagle, Adventure, Victor, Hornet, Rover, Wizard, etc., also old football magazines from the same period?


03-04 Campioni (Di Futuro) set
Just wandering around this forum and came across this post.

Here's a link to what information I have about this set:


Found this in my local newsagents!
...looks like you took the picture through the free 3D glasses... ;)

Road to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (Mexican Edition)
Hi levivo

Do you have any of the T stickers? Could you list any you have or know of?

Thanks, Alan

Help me identify a card from the 1960s ...

Here's the checklist for the 1968-69 F.K.S. collection:



Manchester United 2012-2013 sticker collection
Jun 6 2013, 11:38 AM
Did it a while ago but forgot about it, here you are.
1 Team (puzzle 1)Manchester United
2 Team (puzzle 2)Manchester United
3 Team (puzzle 3)Manchester United
4 Team (puzzle 4)Manchester United
5 Home kitManchester United
6 Away kitManchester United
7 Patrice EvraInternational Star
8 Javier HernandezInternational Star
9 Shinji Kagava......
.....H Ryan Giggs 1991-2019Poster
I Ryan Giggs 1991-2020Poster
J Ryan Giggs 1991-2021Poster
K Ryan Giggs 1991-2012 (puzzle 1)Poster
L Ryan Giggs 1991-2012 (puzzle 2)Poster
M Ryan Giggs 1991-2012 (puzzle 1)Poster
N Ryan Giggs 1991-2012 (puzzle 2)Poster

Hi SlimShady,

That's brilliant, thanks very much for sharing the checklist.


Cards in Canada
This seasons MLS set is being issued by Topps (they've taken over from Upper Deck this year) and the set should be released towards the end of July (can't remember the exact date). Toronto has a team in the MLS, so the cards should be readily available in the city. Most MLS teams also bring out their own cards each season.

Panini World Cup & Euro albums - variations
Jun 10 2013, 10:11 AM
could you guys help me with this : Posted Image
is this the venezuelan version ?

Yes, it's the Mexican version

The Summer Transfer Window 2013-2014

A billion isn't what it used to be. It's now 1,000,000,000 (a thousand million), but it used to be 1,000,000,000,000 (a million million).

Panini World Cup & Euro albums - variations
Jul 16 2012, 06:33 PM
Here we can discuss the different versions of the albums released by Panini for the World Cup and Euro sticker collections. Below is the list so far that I will keep updating when new versions are found. The title of the album (Argentina 78, Spain 82 etc) is the same as stated on the international version unless stated:

WC 1974 - International version (Munchen 74 on cover)
WC 1974 - Spanish "Johan Volcanoes" version (Munich 74 on cover)
WC 1974 - Yugoslavian Decje Novine version (Minhen 74 on cover)
WC 1978 - International version (Argentina 78 on cover)
WC 1978 - UK version..................

Did you ever get around to listing the Euro collections?

is this the end of the football cards
Link here, though it's not complete:


Match Attax 2012/13 VIETNAMESE edition
Jun 10 2013, 11:06 AM
Jun 10 2013, 10:52 AM
Alan, Is it because you're a Cardiff fan that you've replaced all mentions of Swansea by Sunderland in the checklist? ;) That aside, it's brilliant stuff. Thank you!

I didn't realise - I think that's what they call a Freudian Slip - just about to put that right. Thanks for mentioning it, Zabolek.

I've got to be honest, I still can't get used to calling them Swansea City, it was always Swansea Town when I was growing up.