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Exclusive Signed Cards in Starter Packs
Graham and James Eacott has sent me a scan of the Tim Howard redemption card

I've currently got pictures of five cards on my blog - still looking for a picture of the actual Tim Howard card.

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Match Attax World Stars Mini Cards
EthanB reds
Jun 27 2014, 03:34 PM
As I only want the Gerrard and Suarez ones, is there a way to just see the player inside rather than just buying them all?
I think they use 'blind' packaging, so you can't see which player you are buying. Check out ebay - search Character Building - perhaps they sell them by player....

Match Attax World Stars Mini Cards
Anyone collecting these?

20 different cards to collect....



8 update in portugal
The sheet containing the 8 stickers can be seen here:


They're all similar !!!!! What's the problem?

Stars WM 2014 - Bereit für den Titel
Checklist and some images shown here:


REWE World Cup card collection
You can find a checklist and a couple of illustrations here:


8 update stickers in Spain
Hi Toby,

I wonder. They certainly included him in the original advert of 8 stickers, but i doubt any were printed.

Sheet of 6 stickers in Belgian newspaper today
Jun 23 2014, 06:43 PM
Hi Alan,

When you say they are selling the Update sets direct does that mean they are available in the shops? I'm going to Ypres (probably spelt wrong, sorry) at the end of July, will I be able to buy one?


Hi Chris,

No, sorry. they're direct from Panini Belgium. They can be ordered online but I'm not sure if they send to the UK.


FUtera Unique 2014 - Checklist IN PICTURES
Great stuff, thanks for letting us see them.

Sheet of 6 stickers in Belgian newspaper today
Sheet of 6 stickers in Belgian newspaper today, can be seen here:


8 update stickers in Spain
Sheet of 9 stickers with this months issue of Jugon magazine (no. 93), can be seen here:


[END-RESULTS] Futera Unique 2014 Competition Number 2 !
12 goals

Netherlands, Scandinavia - anyone seen albums from those countries?
Jun 20 2014, 05:21 PM
in the netherlands we have an international version, flags from: greece, romania, poland, cyprus, Netherland, Bulgaria, belarus, Malta, Belgium and Puerto Rico are on the back.
Thanks, just realised I've got the one that covers the Netherlands.

71 Updates listed
Here's a list of all 71 update stickers with the names of the players that they replace.

Also shows some of the Swiss update stickers - these all have silver borders.

Two of the Belgian update stickers.

News of 9 update stickers in Portugal

So, you need....

regular 71 stickers
Swiss 71 stickers
French sheet of 9
Portugese sheet of 9
Belgian sheet of 6
Spanish sheet of 8



Netherlands, Scandinavia - anyone seen albums from those countries?
Jun 20 2014, 12:22 PM
In Sweden, we have just the switzerland flag on the back
Thanks, it seems Scandinavia was an after thought on Panini's part this time around.

Netherlands, Scandinavia - anyone seen albums from those countries?
Netherlands, Scandinavia - anyone seen albums from those countries?

I haven't found any reference to albums being issued in the Netherlands. I think the ones in Scandinavia are the same as the Swiss ones. Can anyone confirm this? Are the any differences, like the flags on the back cover?

Also interested in finding out about albums in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo....

Futera League of Champions Season 3
Does anyone want to share images of the League of Champions cards. Little is known about these very rare cards.

Futera Unique 2014 Box Opening !
Thanks for sharing the video, really enjoyed it. The cards look stunning...

... and a Craig Bellamy autograph too!!!!

World Football Unique 2014 - Teammates CHECKLIST
World Football Unique 2014 - Game Jersey Teammates CHECKLIST: