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Match Attax Championship 2012/13
The Hundered Club MUST include Peter Whittingham this time, the best player outside the Premiership for a number of seasons... but Cardiff City are rarely included in the special cards. Not even showing on the sell sheet in the other post!!

Adrenalyn XL collection from Poland

I used Google Translate to translate from Polish to English - they might not be called 'bouncers'

Adrenalyn XL collection from Poland
Still nowhere to post these items that don't actually fit under the various headings in the PANINI (NON-UK) section, but...

The first of this new seasons Adrenalyn cards...

T-Mobile Adrenalyn XL Champions League 2012-2013

Note Polish football fans!

For the first time we have prepared for you a collection of great Adrenalyn XL cards for the Polish League of Professional Football League T-Mobile!

Collection T-Mobile League Adrenalyn XL 2012/13 include:
280 cards (including cards basic minions fans, bouncers and masters)
Storage badge cards
board game,
rules of the game.

Collection available in stores and newspaper kiosks from 17 September 2012.

Collect the cards and play with friends!
Matches played on a special board and complementary badge cards!
Do not miss the opportunity to get up EXTRA 5 cards, limited edition!