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Worst FIFA 12 Player Ever?
That's great but I'll only play you if you are rubbish. :rofl :rofl
Be warned I only lost 2-1 this afternoon!!!!

Worst FIFA 12 Player Ever?
Yes indeed Ladies and Gentlemen after 30 plus games unbeaten playing
soppy teams like Daegu from South Korea I decided to take the plunge and
get Xbox live.
Since then I've played almost 40 games and lost every single one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My best defeat so far is a couple of 3-0's.
My gametag is Wantedewe8 so if you aren't very good you may get a victory.
That said I might get my first ever victory.(No chance!!!) :rofl

Tottenham Hotspur Adrenalyn CL 10/11 cards
Just wondering how much these cards are today.
I paid over 20.00 for the set from Sweden and I'd never part with them.

What is wrong with Chelsea?
I would say that Chelsea will have a new manager by the time the transfer window opens because
Abramovitch is a man who has no patience and will prove once again why Man Utd are so successful.

Master trophy cards
Where do these cards come from??? Tournaments??? Special packets???

Sir Alex Ferguson-Celebrating 25 Years
Love him or hate him his presence in the game is second to none.
I remember some years ago,(when the Romans were still here),he was a game away from the sack.
How different things may have been if he'd gone.
Aldershot Town may have dominated English football and Dagenham & Redbridge may have been the new Barcelona.
"Can you wheel me round the garden please nurse?"

New widespread disease.
Is the MW3 bit relevant????
It sounded like being a teenager disease to me :sf4

Whose being robbed?
I've just realised that East Timor may be a muslim country so there's a good
chance it's orange squash all round :crying

Whose being robbed?
So the Team GB Football shirt has been unveiled.
It looks quite nice but at 52.00 is it a rip off??????

All entrants will be entered into a draw to win tickets to East Timor's reserves Christmas party. :sf4 :sf4

Star Bar or Boost?
Who cares about the Euro?
The British people care about only one thing....what's your favourite?
If we get 100,000 replies then I can get a question about the topic (pardon the pun)
in the Houses of Parliament.

10/11 11/12 MA Albums complete
Hi all,I may as well list these on here as well as Ebay.
I've got a complete new album with all seven Limited Editions (inc trophy) AND all badges
as well as a 10/11 album with all the cards plus Drogba Limited and some badges.

For the two albums I want 150.00. On Ebay it's 175.00 so better than my 10% discount for FCF members.

There are two lots available and if you want all four albums that'll be 265.00.

Albums will be sent out by special next day delivery in this country and postage will be payable for overseas buyers but sent
out International Signed For.

Please bare in mind my record on here and Ebay (spursrita) so your're not taking a chance.

Should somone wish to enquire I'll accept cheques or postal orders from UK buyers but only paypal from overseas buyers.
Thanks for looking,

Feedback for gt6943
Fast,efficient and trustworthy.Thanks Gary I'll definately bare you in mind in future.

I need to see a doctor!
Yesterday,I had some spare time and went on the laptop.
When I started I had trouble getting the mouse to work which was a bit strange.
Some twenty seconds later I looked down and to my horror
I'd been pushing a cup of tea around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Appointment with doctor done. :idiot