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Tim Cahill Limited up for grabs
Come on people!!!!!!
There's still room for more entries.
So stop doing the gardening or cleaning your dad's heliport and send an entry today.

Champions League Trophy Card Competition
I've been watching you on CCTV and know the answer is:

8) Trade.

Merry Christmas HO HO HO!
...And the last present of the day is.........................SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still it's alright my mum gave me some money because I'd sooner wait for the sales to get more for yer bucks.

Hope you've all had a great day and if you need some Turkey there's still 2 tonnes of it round my mums.

Merry Christmas HO HO HO!
Merry Christmas to everyone.

I'm sitting hear with tears in my eyes because I didn't get................


Oh dear one more present to open.

Match Attax Extra 09/10 Full boxes Clearance
With 10% Discount that's 20.70 for 1 box and 54.00 for 3 Boxes.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

Shoot Out 05/06 Competition
Can I enter no: 5 please and I ive in the UK.

Favourite Wonder Goals
Matt Taylor has scored a few like that.

Charles N'Zogbia at Stoke??

Pedro Mendes against Man City starting Pompey's revival.

Pedro Mendes the goal that never was.

It's impossible because there are so many.

Tim Cahill Limited up for grabs
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls.
It's that time of year when people feel generous.
I have a Tim Cahill Limited Edition 10/11 to give away.

Guess the name of my favourite Coastal Weather Station

Here's a list of the main ones:

Tiree Automatic (1)
Stornoway (2)
Lerwick (3)
Wick Automatic (0048 only)
Aberdeen (0048 only)
Leuchars (4)
Boulmer (0048 only)
Bridlington (5)
Sheerness (0048 only)
Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic (6)
Greenwich Light Vessel Automatic (7)
St. Catherine's Point Automatic (0048 only)
Jersey (8)
Channel Light Vessel Automatic (9)
Scilly Automatic (10)
Milford Haven (0048 only)
Aberporth (0048 only)
Valley (0048 only)
Liverpool Crosby (0048 only)
Valentia (11, not part of the United Kingdom)
Ronaldsway (12)
Malin Head (13, not part of the United Kingdom)
Machrihanish Automatic (0048 only)


Competition Starts now and will end Dec 31st at 11.59.59PM

Only one entry per member.

If more than one member gets it right then I put those names in a hat and draw out the winner.

If no-one gets it correct a new competition will be created.

The winner's name will be put on here sometime during January 1st 2011

Don't just sit there.....get guessing!!!!

Fave TV Shows?

Xbox Red Lights of Death
We had three of them last week and got a replacement.
Anyone had four red lights????

Lots of spurs fans online.
Thank you for the kind words Mr Pricey. Things aren't that bad it's just so time consuming.
Christmas will be great because I ran out of socks in July.

Mark your team get some great crowds and certainly boost some away grounds.
I remember them at Tottenham and was surprised to see they also have quite a few

Lots of spurs fans online.
Certainly not Mr Swapit, certainly not.

Arsenal Greatest Goals
I must compose myself .

Bendtner's own goal against Tottenham in the League Cup.

:rofl :rofl

Lots of spurs fans online.
Wow!!! Thanks for the enquiry MasterGladiatus.
I put a new page on about two minutes ago to clear some old Extra 09/10 boxes I have at my Aunt's.
It's not doing that great because I have very little time to service it.
My mother's been really Ill and I'm basically running two homes at the moment plus all the other things
life throws at you.
That said I want to get the site up and running properly in January AND get the books part up and running.
Only four hundred books to collate.
That reminds me.. I wonder how Steve Smith is doing with his site because last time I looked it was looking
really sound.


Match Attax Extra 09/10 Full boxes Clearance
Please go to my website.
ALL verified FCF members will recieve a 10% discount.

Lots of spurs fans online.
That should be league Mark...not legue.
I type too fast and HATE it when I spell a werd incorrectly. :angry :angry

Lots of spurs fans online.
Firstly Mark I can still remember that crucial Premier legue game against Liverpool.
Was it 1-0 and Dean Saunders scored?

Secondly, we put Spurs in because 'Tottenham Hotspur the greatest team in the world'
might take up too much room. :653 :653

Lots of spurs fans online.
Just have a look at the usernames.

10/11 Sealed Tin plus Cahill limited Auction
Match Attax 10/11 Sealed Tin Cahill Limited Edition
Item Id:200557544708


Feedback for Spursdave
Hi all,
Please leave feedback for me here.
I am very trustworhty and have a 100% (507) score on Ebay under the name Spursrita
I only sell mint cards;only send recorded delivery for safety and ALWAYS
send well packaged.
I currently have items for sale in the selling section.
Thanks for looking and maybe look at my auctions.