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Post something nice about the person above you...
Master of MatchAttax is great because he's going to stop buying sweets for a year and donate the money
to the Spursdave Star Bar fund.

Important New Years' Resolutiion for all members
When the shops re-open every member must spend their pocket money or wages on bags of frozen vegetables,loose vegetables
and fruit and then chuck them in the bin.
The reason...........
I'm going to open a string of kebab shops and don't want some geezer thinking he needs to lose weight not having a doner
because it's not healthy.
If you all follow my instructions then I'll make a killing and you can all have a free portion of chips :653 :653

A very Merry Christmas to you all.
Hoping you have a great day today.
Don't forget to eat loads of Brussel sprouts.
I won't sleep tonight because I think the wife has got me some different coloured socks this year!!!!!

1st Error card?
I've now got loads of Forsyth cards and they are all 246 so has anyone got him as 248????

Do Tottenham now go in the Champions League Knock out stage?
Don't laugh Mr Tollyman because if Manchester City are knocked out of the Europa Cup..........................

MA Championship 9 card base sets£1.75 post free.
Hi all, I will be selling all 9 card base sets for £1.75 post free.
This includes 10% discount for FCF members.
You can pay by cheque,postal order or cash.
If you choose cash you must send by recorded delivery.
As soon as means of payment arrives I will send straight out.
Please PM me for availability but at the moment all 9 card sets available.

Quite rarely I've updated my website so feel free to have a look at the link below.

Do Tottenham now go in the Champions League Knock out stage?
Now that we are out of the Europa Cup will we go straight into the Champions league knock out stages along with Fulham and Birmingham???

Pack odds?
I would advise people to avoid buying from shops because the boxes are very cleverly put together.
I've bought ten boxes and have opened seven.
There is a distinct lack of motm's from the clubs who are at the end alphabetically.
I have tried to compile 5 sets and have noticed that I have big gaps from Leicester onwards.
Every box seems to have Bristol City to Coventry City Motm then not much else.
Also if your planning on buying a few packets for say a Hundred Club forget it!!!!!
In the five boxes that have had all the Hundred Clubs,we have got the Hundred Clubs in opening just a few packets.
We all know that these are great cards to collect but at times I think that the powers to be are very cynical.
After all most of the collectors are young children.
Best to use Ebay,football websites or plain old swapping.

1st Error card?
I've had four so far Koda all with the same number on so not really that rare.

1st Error card?
I've got Craig Forsyth Watford should be in position 248 but card says 246.

100 clubs in front of me are.........



Matt Mills

Full set
£100 may not be silly money when you take into account the way the cards are processed.
I'm not going to lie about the fact that this is my listing but remember FCF members would be entitled to
a 10% discount plus free express delivery.
With the present 11 12 Premiership series it was taking 4/5 boxes to get a complete set.
I will have one listed on my website when the cards arrive tomorrow that will be a lot cheaper because
I won't have to worry about Ebay fees.

Match Attax 11 12 Championship cards for sale.
Hi all,I'll be taking stock of cards on Tuesday hopefully and all cards will be as follows:

Base cards 15p each

Motm cards 1.50 each

Starter packs will be £8.99 plus Match Attax Championship Jumbo Fridge Magnet.

Or whole set £100.00 post free.

Remember that you are entitled to 10% Discount on these products.

Payment can be made by cheque or postal order.

I will put the cards up on my website soon so please feel free to browse.

Thanks for looking

Manchester SHOULD be out!
I'm really miffed that both Manchester clubs have another chance of glory in the Europa Cup.
All the top clubs sneer at this competiton but ask Fulham,Stoke and Birmingham fans what they think.
The rules should be changed (but they won't) that once you enter a competition and you are eliminated THAT'S IT!!!!
We still remember with bitterness when Man Utd pulled out of the FA Cup and they basically got away with it.
Football is for the people and not for the TV companies and multi billion pound clubs.

The BEST Football Match
Ooh not forgetting,unless you support Reading,Portsmouth 7-4 and Tottenham 6-4.
Fulham's comeback at Maine Road to win 3-2 and stay up.
Portsmouth's game against Man City when dear ol' Mr Mendes saved reelgation.
This thread will go on forever............................
Ooh yeah another one. I think it was the last game of the season when Leeds won at Highbury to stay up.
That really was edge of seat stuff!!!!

The BEST Football Match
I suppose the Tottenham 4 Arsenal 5 game could be classed a little more exciting than a 0-0 game!!!!

The BEST Football Match
Thanks Zabolek,I'll edit that.
30 years ago is a long time for the 'grey matter'.
Now where have I put my breakfast??????

The BEST Football Match
Tears of woe when Colchester were behind.
Strange thing is we were in the away end with loads of Halifax fans who used to go to England games with us.
When Colchester took the lead I went crazy and remember being on the tele.
I used to live for football.

The BEST Football Match
And then there's Colchester United's comeback from 2-0 down in the last fifteen minutes against Halifax Town to win 3-2 at Layer Road to stay in the football league.
This is hard to admit but I was in tears.

The BEST Football Match
Ooh!!! How could I forget the Champions League Final when Liverpool were 3-0 down at half time and won on penalties.