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Ebay Shop Address
Hi all,please take a look at the new shop I've recently opened.




Ten boxes in and............
I've had to buy Casillas on ebay.
I cannot believe that I did not get a complete album.
I don't think this is pure bad luck.
It will be interesting to see how many other people who've bulk bought get on.
No I'm not very happy but never mind there's worse things that can happen.

Four boxes in and............
I need one Top Master
11 Master
2 Fans
2 Stoppers
All in all 16 cards.
Must open a fifth box but I am working on the theory that it will take 5 boxes.
Yes the breakdown of the base sets is pretty sound but if you were trying to get the lot DIG DEEP!!!!!

Four boxes in and............
Still no full set!!!!
Believe me the marketing strategy of these companies is brilliant.
So as it stands it will cost you 300.00 to get a full set maybe more but I'll let you know.

Still no FIFA 12 improvement!.
XBOX 360.

Still no FIFA 12 improvement!.
Dear God what have I done to upset you????????????????
5 wins in 150 plus games.
If you think you're bad then we'll arrange a bronze team game.
Just let me know and we'll organise it.