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And now my rubbish fake
I'll try!!!!

And now my rubbish fake
No I didn't make it up. The couple wish to speak to you.
HI DAZ!!! (They''re both waving)
"Thanks for making us so happy again"(Holding hans tight and smiling at each other.
See what you've done????
Brought Love where there was Hate, brought light where there was darkness,brought hope where there was despair.
Top bloke!!!!!

And now my rubbish fake
I didn't copy your idea it's more a case of you inspired me to carry on where you left off.
Britain is a better place because of your 'Rubbish Fake ' post and already a young married couple across the road have stopped arguingand are holding hands looking at your rubbish fake DAz.
You must feel so proud.

And now my rubbish fake
Posted Image

Royal Mail are THIEFS!
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use stiff cardboard to line your letter and sellotape the money (notes are better) to it. Send Large 2nd Class which until this week,when we pay more for being ripped off, is a princely 66p.
This way there is no way on earth of telling what's inside.
I've just had three Gareth Bales taken from a packet which beggars belief.

Fabio Capello
Posted Image

Postal rant
I've just had to refund 47.00 because of 'Royal Fail' and will have to make a claim.
Today someone in Germany asked where their parcel was and that was sent off two weeks ago!!!!!
Maxi Taxi sends me a card from Australia and four days later....yes four days later ladies and gentlemen
it's on my mat!!!!
What really gets me is that you can never talk to anyone because the service is totally automated.
:rant :rant :rant

Ooh I forgot can someone give me a black ink pen because the claim form requires it.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHH!!!!

Your hepl need for MA unnofical magazine!
This is how Viz started!!!
Please keep all your rough sketches and ideas for my retirement fund.
If it's as good as the last two then well worth the extra week wait.

Help please!
I think it would be helpful if people that don't agree with it being a good deal either state why in their post or PM the post creator and tell them why.

Maxi Taxi's Feed Back
Maxi Taxi must have his own super sonic jet fighter...how can you deliver so fast in four days?????
Excellent service and I thoroughly recommend our friend 'down under'.
Anyone wanna buy a rickshaw????

llpalm08 Trading Feedback
Very happy to trade with Ipalm.
Another smooth transaction. I recommend.

Where's my card rating?
Looking at everyones posts,they'v eall got ratings ie Hundred Club presumably for their amount of posts.
I'm wondering why I haven't got one.
Any ideas???

Complete Extra album with both 10 11 Sealed Tins
All my tins are tied up with special deals.


Complete Extra album with both 10 11 Sealed Tins
Hi all I'm on the verge of completing my fourth set so thought I'd try and get shot of some on here.

Here's the deal:

Complete 161 card set in binder with Trophy,VDV,Cole Limited Editons

Plus:Arshavin and Giggs sealed tins


Thanks for looking


I Need All Match attax Extra 10/11!
I don't know if you're a kid or an adult but I have 4 complete sets loads of tins and starter packs.
I'm after 75 for a complete album including MAE tin,trophy and Joe Cole.

What religion are you?
We've had several interesting views now on this subject it's just a shame 'Open University' stopped on BBC 2.
We could have all grown big beards,wore tweed cloth jackets with leather elbow pads and presented a programme
entitled 'Pshyco-analysis of 80's theological divide in sports stadia' :sf4 :sf4 :sf4

What religion are you?
Your right this has become interesting reading.
Another unmentioned factor in the discussion is that in the 70's and 80's the IRA was obviously
very active and so were Protestant para-military groups.
This factor cemented a religous divide, even alligence, that was somewhat 'ficticious' and more a trend
than a hard nosed view.
This resulted in so called ' English Protestant' teams linking up with their Scottish counterparts for games in Scotland.
One example is Tottenham fans travelling up to Pittodrie home of Aberdeen for a game against Hibernian (Catholic).
Following England away from home in the 80's it's true to say that with the 'troubles' across the Irish Sea the chanting
and attitudeof our supporters was definately influenced .

What religion are you?
There was a sectarian divide in North london with regards to buying players.
The Arsenal always used to buy from the Republic of Ireland and catholic Scottish clubs
and Tottenham always bought from Northern Ireland and Protestant Scottish clubs
Pre-season friendlies were usually against teams of the same persuasion.
I can remember when I used to go week in week out that Tottenham had an understanding with Glasgow
Rangers and the 'other lot' with Celtic.
I went to Dundalk in the Republic to watch Spurs play in a European Cup Winners Cup tie in November 1981
and when we got to Ireland there were loads of Celtic fans coming over for their own game.
The atmosphere at the port was...shall we say 'heated'.
I've also travelled to Europe to watch Spurs play Bayern Munich in 1982 and our ferry was full of Rangers fans
who are leagues above English fans when it comes to hatred.

Joe Cole Limited
Wahaay!!!Rooney FF with Cole.Not a bad buy.

Football Goal Songs - Released Songs
Nice one Cyril - 1973 Cockney Chorus Top 10 Hit
Ossies Dream - 1981 Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup Final Squad No5
Tottenham Tottenham no one can stop them,(We're gonna do it like we did last year) 1982 Top 20 Hit
Hotshot Tottenham - 1987
Forgotten - 1991

Did you know that the Nottingham Forest song 'We've got the whole world in our hands' was a top ten hit in Holland?????