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Can Football Fans support several teams?
Most people have a main team and of course their country.
They will possibly support their local team,in my case Witham Town but I rarely go
and the ground is two minutes away.
That said Braintree Town which is seven miles away have just been promoted to the Blue Square Conference
and if I do go I'll be supporting the away team ie Luton Town(if they're not in the football league) Stockport,Grimsby etc.
I used to watch Colchester United regularly just for fun but once many years ago, in a home match at Layer Road,when they faced relegation out of the football league against Halifax Town I was in tears because they went 0-2 down and were dead and buried.
I was in the away section with people from Halifax who I knew from England away matches when Colchester started their comeback
in the last fifteen minutes to win 3-2.
Now I say I only support Spurs properly but to have have that kind of emotion must suggest otherwise.
The television coverage on local television was great becasuse when Colchester went 3-2 up you could see several fans in the away section going mad.

Fat Footballers
What about sunday league players?????

Spursdave's Forum Lottery
No it isn't.
just pick three lots of four numbers which aree all different and you could win a prize.

No more sunshine this year!
Sorry folks but I managed to get away camping on the beautiful North Norfolk coast TWICE this kids' holiday and that can
only mean one thing....................
I have ruined all of your Summer because when I get away early in the year it's usually the only time.

Spursdave's Forum Lottery
Come on you lot!!!!!
Wakey Wakey!!!!!!!!
2,000 members and only 40+ entries.

The Champions League
Er excuse me I know the question is correct but remember Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4.
So I would like to see Tottenham in the list.
We can still win it :crying :crying :crying

Match Attax unoffical Magazine Issue 3!
Most impressive young man.

The more editions that you produce the higher the quality I'm sure

please keep up the good work.

Amarillo 'Foootball Card Forum' song
Sing along everyone!!!!!

When the light is fading
You'll find me on the Forum trading
How I long to be there
Selling and trading cards that I have spare
Or I can make a wishlst la la la la la
Go out and buy some cakes la la la la la
Just see what others are doing
Or make some funny fakes fakes

I love to be on this football forum
Make people laugh
And can also Bore them
From Sunny Spain
All the way to Jordan
Our Football forums the place to be
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
Our Football forums the place to be

United march on !
Love 'em or hate 'em they have a knack of producing the goods when the chips are down.
We focus very much on the Refereeing decisions involving Man Utd and as a Spurs fan know
that injustices are sometimes done.
However I want them to win the title albeit begrudgingly.
I'm more concered that moneybags City are going to take fourth spot.

Which Celebrity Do You Fancy?
Susan Boyle :wub :wub

Spursdave's Forum Lottery
Good point Jayce

Just to clarify the numbers must be in order ie if my numbers were 1234 then 2341 wouldn't win.
However if no-one got 1234 to win outright or 123 to be eligible for second prize then I will then look
at any person with four numbers and if no-one has that three numbers.

Prizes would remain the same

Spursdave's Forum Lottery
Right ladies and gentlemen,as I've just discovered that I am at present one of the highest acolades for the number of posts,
I decided to celebrate with a one off Spursdave Football cards forum lottery.

Right here are the rules:

I have chosen 4 numbers between 1-9 (All the numbers are different) You just have to match them.

You pick three lots of four numbers between 1-9.

Post them on this thread (obviously)
Only one set of numbers per person

This competition will run until 11.59 pm April 30th

The Prize for the outright winner will be a Ryan Giggs Sealed Collectors' Tin.
In the event of more than one outright winner I will ask a moderator to draw the one winner out of a hat.

If someone gets three numbers and there is no overall winner I shall pass on the names of the people with three numbers
to another moderator and tell them to draw one winning name out of a hat.

That person will win one of two prizes;
1.The chance to come to my house and cook dinner,wash up,do the washing machine,hoover,clean the windows etc****

2. Arsharvin sealed collectror's tin

****Please bring a face mask as my socks in the washing basket really stink.

Anyone connected in anyway with Spurdave is ineligible to enter the contest.
That includes next doors labradors,the tree at the bottom of the garden and the M25.

Royal Mail are THIEFS!
A postman would go to jail as would anyone who tampers with letters.
Sometime ago a local postman was taking mail home with him because he
couldn't be bothered to deliver it.
He got a free holiday courtesy of Her Majesty's Prison.