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Now my penny worth........
The old saying is 'You reap what you sow'.
I personally lay a lot of blame on consecutive governments for allowing the 'human rights brigade' to spread their wings
like a cancer across the whole country.
First there was Thatcher who destroyed the manufacturing base of the country and sentenced lots of good hardworking people to
years of joblessness and hardship.
This caused the first shift because like some of you reading this I can always remember my parents going to work and saving for holidays and things around the home.
In today's society there's a 'got to have it now culture'
The next generation of the early 90's saw both one or both parents sitting around all day just existing and it follows that discipline in the home (especially work ethic) started to slip.
Now we have the situation where lots of youngsters have no work ethic because their parent or parents(If they are lucky enough)
idle about all day yetthe kids still get everything they want to keep them quiet.
Schools have had their disciplinary resources taken away from them(anyone ever get slippered at school?) because it is against a childs rights.
Childrens' rights are simple:
Be Fed
Be clothed
Be loved
Anything else is a bonus.
I have always expected my children to be chastised by me,their teachers and the police but it seems I'm the only one who ever meters out punishment.
The people involved in these riots have no regards for anyone or anything and I bet most of the people that look after them are exactly the same.
When they go to court they should have the 'book thrown at them' if they are convicted
and then arrest the people that took money out of pension funds of 'hard working decent people' that left them with little or nothing.
Ironically these riots may do some good because it may just tip the balance in favour of the majority ie:
If you're a decent polite person then things should happen for you.
If your a piece of scum then you will have it kicked out of you to make you better.
Please don't view this as a political statement because it is just the thoughts that have gone through my head.

Good to be back folks!
Phew that was a long time off of the forum!!!!!!!!!
Two Laptops go on the same day and waited ages to get one fixed!!!!!
Working silly hours and visiting my mother in hospital didn't leave muchtime for tuning in.
By the looks of it quite a bit has been going on since I last came on and browsed.
Still that said hello to all members old and new.