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More teams to be banned from FCF Futera League
agree with you

Prize notification
so tollyman, is that all our position will move up as futera llcz is being removed

More teams to be banned from FCF Futera League
liverjayce says that fc neuss create two teams in fcff legaue
Fc neuss and neusser jongers

Futera Card Trade list of Angel~
Send via post(registered)

Futera Card Trade list of Angel~
If you find interest, Feel Free to Message ME

Also look for Autograph, no matter how many star( but with card!!!!)

Futera Card Trade list of Angel~
Cards for TRADE Welcome to make an offer!
oLEG02 Daei, Ali(Card only)
oLEG08 Best, George(Card only)
oLEG09 Bilic, Slaven(Card only)
oLEG13 Charlton, Bobby
oLEG15 Dalglish, Kenny( Code Only)
oLEG17 Di Canio, Paolo ( Code Only)
oLEG19 Zoff, Dino
oLEG22 Gascoine, Paul( Code Only)
oLEG23 Gullit, Ruud( Code Only)
oLEG24 Hagi, Gheorghe(Card only)
oLEG27 Ljungberg, Fredrik( Code Only)
oLEG31 Milla, Roger(Card only)
oLEG41 Ronaldo(Card only)
oLEG43 Rummenigge, Karl-Heinz (Card only)
oLEG44 Schmeichel, Peter Rare and Hot!
oLEG46 Trezeguet, David (Card only)
*LEG52. Banks, Gordon (Card only)
*LEG57. Davids, Edgar
*LEG58. Fontaine, Just
*LEG65. Keane, Roy
*LEG67. Lalas, Alexi
*LEG69. Litmanen, Jari
*LEG71. McGrath, Paul
*LEG74. Myung-Bo, Hong
*LEG78. Nesta, Alessandro
*LEG79. Nkono,Thomas (Code only)
*LEG81. Passarella, Daniel
*LEG82. Petit, Emmanuel
*LEG83. Radebe, Lucas (Code only) or (Card with code)
*LEG85. Rush,Ian
*LEG92. Stoichkov, Hristo (Card only)
*LEG95. Vieira, Patrick ( Code Only)
*LEG98. Yorke, Dwight

*SH01. Buffon, Gianluigi Card with code
*SH05. Ronaldo,Cristiano (Card with Code) OR(Code only)
*SH06. Tevez, Carlos (2 color)
*SH07. Torres, Fernando (2 color) Rare edition
*SL02. Carlos, Roberto (Card with Code)or (Card only)
*SL03. Del Piero, Alessandro (Card with Code)
*SL05. Trezeguet, David(2 color)

2011 Gold:


Autograph Cards:
2011 1/1 Donovan (Captain of USA) Full train
2011 1/1 Ben Haim
2011 42/50 Gueye
2010 S2 14/20 Lampard Hot!

Code Only :

Virtual Card Series(Very rare)
Le Tissier

FWF Series 2
Buffon MEMO S2
Cech MEMO S2
Ronaldo MEMO S2
Tevez MEMO S2
Beckham MEMO S2
Carlos MEMO S2

FWF 2011 MEMO Unique
Demichilis MEMO
Ballack MEMO
Maicon MEMO
Drogba MEMO(Full training for shooting)
Villa MEMO

FWF 2012 MEMO Archieve
Cannavaro MEMO
Chivu MEMO
Elano MEMO
Zenetti MEMO
Hamsik MEMO
Cavani MEMO
Ibrahimnovic MEMO
Van Nistelrooy MEMO
Totti MEMO
Chung Yong MEMO 2012
Veron MEMO 2012


LEG04 Berbatov, Dimitar
LEG05 Brady, Liam
LEG13 Friedel, Brad
LEG28 Pirlo, Andrea
LEG29 Poborsk, Karel
LEG34 Scholes, Paul


LEG44 del Bosque, Vicente
LEG46 Hongbo, Gao
LEG47 Koeman, Ronald
LEG49 Robson, Sir Bobby

Transfer Star (Rrae and Limited)
TRST02 Kagawa, Shinji
TRST03 Katongo, Christopher

TRST09 Cisse, Papiss
TRST10 Gaitan, Nicolas

TRST13 Asamoah, Kwadwo

Maicon (Trained lots points)(FULL TRAIN) Except shooting and handle

*LS10. Maradona, Diego NEW (FULL TRAIN)


MEM01 Alves, Daniel (trained full for tackle)
MEM02 Bale, Gareth (trained for full tackle and passing)
MEM09 Neymar


MEM31 Puskas, Ferenc(full train )

Autograph Codes:
2012: Howard, Essien
S3: Heskey

Looking for card& code
LEG97 Yashin
Alex Fergy Mnagaer
4 Star Autograph Code /Card wth codes

***Expired*** New 2 FWF leagues prize structure
I would suggest to create a league for the first week winners to compete all those registered before the first 3 weeks will be allow to join that

FCFF League prize pack break
Yes, quite useful in RB, try it!

FCFF League prize pack break
Wow, fredlynch, Thats excellent hit

FCFF League prize pack break
Just managed to open all my packets of my prize
Tevez Memo s2 2 color
zambrotta sp
tymischuk, eto, ramos, pato in my 36 packets

Tollyman thx for that, but i am not sure these prize is fr which week and whether the positin had moed up already due to cheat of Arsensl fc and tan evil