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(Ended) Latvia-Netherlands score prediction
1) 0-4
2) Bas Dost

Mini league prizes
I recieved up to 138 only

[** FINAL WINNER LIST ** ] Futera 2015 Box Break Contest
Match 1) Thailand U23 vs Brunei U23 (SEA Games)
Full Time Score : 3-0
Winning Team :Thailand U23
Team Score First :Thailand U23

Match 2) Santos vs Ponte Preta (Brazil Serie A)
Full Time Score :1-3
Winning Team :Ponte Preta
Team Score First :Ponte Preta

Match 3) Argentina vs Bolivia (International Friendly)
Full Time Score :4-0
Winning Team :Argentina
Team Score First :Argentina

Match 4) Germany W vs Ivory Coast W (World Cup Women)
Full Time Score : 4-2
Winning Team :Germany W
Team Score First :Germany W

Match 5) Colombia U20 vs Portugal U20 (World Cup U20)
Full Time Score :0-2
Winning Team :Portugal U20
Team Score First :Portugal U20
Match 6) Juventus vs Barcelona (Champions League)
Full Time Score :1 - 1
Winning Team : Draw; Team Qualify: Juventus
Team Score First :Juventus