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Topps Fantasy Team
My teams scored as follows;

Me: 67 points
Eldest: 55 points
Youngest: 68 points
Dog: 59 points
Wife: 54 points

I also think there will be some big scores this week due to Costa scoring a couple and of course their unexpected clean sheet away at Swansea.

Match Attax Extra 14/15
Maybe the other Frank Lampard card will be an early release or error card?

Match Attax Extra 14/15
Costa 101 Club??? WTF!! Although he is top scorer in the Premier League albeit as Tankerton has said has gone off the boil somewhat.

Falcao MOTM?? How many games has he played or even how many goals has he scored lol.

I feel Topps have chosen the well known players to appease the massives.... Bit of a kop out if you ask me.

I'm hoping Aguero will get 101 next season.

Topps Fantasy Team
Me: 63 points
Eldest: 48 points
Youngest: 51 points
Dog: 53 points
Wife: 65 points!!! (WTF)

Hoping to get at least 2 cards from this week's performance.

Topps Fantasy Team
Oh noooo...

Mine - 53 points
Eldest - 52 points
Youngest - 52 points
Dog - 52 points

Chelsea and City have let a lot of teams down with their inability to keep clean sheets over the festive period.