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Topps Fantasy Team
Me and me laddo also received our cards today. I got Diego Costa and me laddo got not 1 but 2 x Steven Gerrard's..... :)

Oh Balotelli he’s a striker…
He’s good at darts.
He’s allergic to grass,
but when he plays he’s bleeping class.
Drives round Moss Side
with a wallet full of cash,
Can’t put on his vest
But when he does he is the best.
Goes into schools,
tells teachers all the rules.
Sets fire to his gaff
with rockets from his bath.
Doesn’t give a bleep,
‘cause he did it for a laugh,
Runs back to his house
For a suitcase full of cash,
Oh Balotelli …”

Topps Festival
I'll be at the event at the Arndale (Manchester) on Monday if anyone wants to say hello.

Topps Fantasy Team
My Aguero Card also arrived today....

Happy Days :)

Topps Fantasy Team

MOTD magazine now out - superstars special edition with match attax limited edition
5 Magazines opened....

1 Silver
4 Bronze

Topps Fantasy Team
I'm hoping for a big tally this week too;

Hart - Baines - Janmaat - Clyne - Fonte - Fabregas - Silva - Di Maria - Costa :( - Aguero - Berahino

67 Points so far....

Just need Berahino to get a few tomorrow night :)

Collector Tins
Oct 12 2014, 04:12 PM
Is It Online?
I've just trawled the Costco website and cannot find any details on them...

Must be store specific??

Topps Fantasy Team
59 Points for me this week, but ended up having Berahino and Henderson on the bench :(