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Match Attax Champion League 15/16 Limited
I'm after a Hungarian hookup to purchase Booster Boxes...

Anyone reliable on here?

Just found v.Rare Error card - Wayne Rooney card named as Raheem Sterling
That has to be one of the best misprinted cards I have ever seen!!!

What a find!

Possible delay of release
I got my call this morning and although I'm not getting all of the 300 MP's I've ordered I'm getting a fair few tomorrow.

Match Attax 2015 16 Collector Guide
I picked up 23 from my local Post Office - got 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 14 Bronze

Possible delay of release
I opened up two boosters yesterday and got the following results:

0 x Star Players
0 x Badges
66 x MOTMs
24 x Duos
2 x LE's
2 x 100 Clubs

in each box. Has anyone else had this?

All 6 Gold Limited Editions and 4 100 club cards in one packet!
The packets weigh 30g as opposed to the standard 22g packets.

By the time I got to the Manchester Arndale last Sunday they had all gone :(