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Is anyone interested in a Adel Taarabt Printing Plate??

Topps Fantasy Team
Pretty shocking too for me:

My Team: 23 points
Eldest: 24 points
Youngest: 24 points
Dog: 24 points

Topps Fantasy Team
My weekly totals were as follows;

Me - 116 Points
Eldest - 134 Points
Youngest - 113 Points
The Dog - 127 Points

Ended up winning 3/4 Cards.

Topps Fantasy Team
My main team has 40 points but with Hazard and Costa's points to add...

Team 2 - 45 Points with Terry and Costa to add....
Team 3 - 26 Points with Terry and Costa to add...
Team 4 (The Dog) - 29 Points with Terry, Hazard and Cahill to add...

Topps Fantasy Team
Last week was a bit chaotic - moving house and didn't get time to change my team or update Pro11 Cards :(

Me: 64 points
Eldest: 56 points
Youngest: 51 points
Dog: 36 Points

After the 3 i'll get next week - I will only need 6 for the complete set. Give it another 3 game weeks and I'll be onto collection 2 :)

Topps Fantasy Team
3 cards for me this week, the dog wasn't so lucky this week....

I didn't manage to pick my Pro 11 Cards either this week :(

Topps Fantasy Team
Ha ha, love it Rob.

Topps Fantasy Team
Final Scores for me this week were as follows;

Me - 57 Points
Eldest Son - 32 Points
Youngest Son - 32 Points
The Dog - 23 Points

Might get 3 cards fingers crossed????

Topps Fantasy Team
My Team this week was;

Hart - Azpilicueta - Caulker - Zabaleta - Hazard - Downing - Eriksen - Toure - Aguero - Sanchez - Austin

51 Points with Downing (who got an assist), so should be around 56 points.

The other 3 haven't fared well with an average of 26 points....

Topps Fantasy Team
I'm currently in 16th Place, but considering I missed the first week I'm only 37 points off top...

Topps Fantasy Team
We managed to get 4 cards this week!!

Purely Belter :)

Hopefully I'll have all 20 soon.

Topps Fantasy Team
Quite surprised with the big scores this week....

My Team = 123
Eldest Son = 115
Youngest Son = 124
Dog = 103

Should get me at least 2 cards....

Topps Fantasy Team
Nov 29 2014, 08:22 PM
I made wholesale changes to my team;

De Gea - Terry - Taylor - Cresswell - Di Maria - Henderson - Fabregas - Hazard - Rooney - Bony - Aguero

Hopefully will get a card this week :)
63 Points for me so far, should be enough for another one.