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MOTD Magazine - Match Attax Extra 14/15
A bit early but hopefully we should receive some information in the next couple of issues.... (and maybe some cards too).

Topps Fantasy Team
Team Points this week were as follows:

Me: 61
Eldest: 45
Youngest: 46
Dog: 58
Wife: 57

Hopefully should pick 3 cards up from this lot....

Topps Fantasy Team
Not bad myself today...

Mine: Hart, Ivanovic, Terry, Zabaleta, Hazard, Downing, Silva, Matic (BOO), Costa, Aguero, Lukaku
Eldest: Forster, Ivanovic, Clichy, Baines, Silva, Matic, Toure, Downing, Hazard, Aguero, Costa
Youngest: De Gea, Ivanovic, Terry, Zabaleta, Willian, Matic, Hazard, Toure, Aguero, Kane, Lukaku
Dog: Hart, Ivanovic, Terry, Clichy, Toure, Hazard, Silva, Matic, Kane, Aguero, Costa
Wife: Hart, Ivanovic, Terry, Clyne, Hazard, Toure, Matic, Silva, Costa, Aguero, Kane

Shame Danny Ings didn't put that chance in at the end Bibster...

Topps Fantasy Team
I received 5 cards on Tuesday but they weren't the ones I picked - not complaining though....

Topps Fantasy Team
Snap, these must have been delayed in last week's post... although they do say they cards will be sent upto 28 days after.

Topps Fantasy Team
Varying degrees of failure this week;

Me: 77 points
Eldest: 85 points
Youngest: 59 points
Dog: 96 points
Wife: 84 points

Fingers crossed I get 2 cards from that lot...

Topps Fantasy Team
Has anyone had delivery of their cards won for w/e 1 February yet?

Topps Fantasy Team
All of my 5 teams ended up winning cards last week... Whoop Whoop!!!

Topps Fantasy Team
My highest score this week belonged to the Dog who got 62 points although I made a slight error putting Sanchez in mine...

Don't forget it's a double gameweek this time around....