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Ryan Giggs Gold LE
Hi all,

Before I search on eBay and various other card sites has anyone got a Gold LE Giggs Card they are willing to sell?

Must be in mint condition, DM me if you have one spare and are willing to sell it.


Big E

Bolton Swap and Play Tour
A great day - both my boys loved it, did a bit of networking - swapped some cards and got a signed Joe Hart shirt for 3,500 swaps which was more than the Ashley Young Signed United Shirt went for.

Well organised by Topps - a big thumbs up from me!!!

Cardiff Swap and Play Tour 2014
I'm hoping to get something at the Bolton Event with around 5,000 Spares

Swap and Play Tour
I'm going to the Bolton event - so might see some of you there although I won't be playing....