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Topps Match Attax Uefa Champions League
Nice find....

Topps Fantasy Team
All of my teams finished on or around 75 points....

Not too sure whether that will get me any cards!!!

FCF Mini League - 'Allegiance' reward card requests
Thanks Mar...

FCF Mini League - 'Allegiance' reward card requests
Dumb question but where can you find how many games you have played?

Complete Set of Pro 11 Cards (All 20)
I've also got a full set of Man Of The Match Cards from the Match Attax 2014/2015 Card Collection here;


Another bargain, 99p start!!!

Complete Set of Pro 11 Cards (All 20)
Please find details of a complete set of Pro 11 Cards on eBay;


A bargain to be had here with no reserve!!!!

Topps Fantasy Team
I had:

Mignolet - Ivanovic - Terry - Moreno - Hazard - Fabregas - Sterling - Henderson - Aguero - Rooney - Kane

in the majority of my teams - around 45 points with another 8 to play....

Topps Fantasy Team
Normal service resumed for me this week, 8 of my 9 Teams won a Card....

56 Points was the cut off this week.

Will Pro 11 cards increase in value once season finished?
Good question, if we were to use the Limited Edition Cards from this Season's Collection as an example I'd say yes - unbelievable what Barkley Gold's are going for on eBay at the minute (40+++)

Match Attax Extra 14/15 - Club Together
If anyone has any spare codes to help our team out - it would be most helpful....

Details as above.

Premier Gold 2013
Hi - I've got quite a few Orange and Green Parallels that I'm looking to get rid of, preferably as a bulk lot.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll advise what I have.



Topps Fantasy Team
My scores were as follows;

47 - 57 - 57 - 63 - 57 - 64 - 65 - 64 - 67

Last week was also the first week for me where I didn't win a card!!!! :(

Topps Fantasy Team
Topps must have got their act together again - 5 Cards turned up on Tuesday which were outstanding then 9 have landed this morning relating to 4th April g/w.

Joe Hart - Premier Gold Relic
Hi everyone - before I put this on eBay and Amazon I thought I would offer this rare Gold Relic Card from the Topps Premier Gold 2013 Collection.

This card is in mint condition and will be sent in a Jiffy Bag and will include Recorded Delivery.

Offers welcome by PM.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Feedback for Big Ernst
Leave your kind words in here please... :)

Topps Fantasy Team
Reggie - I'm still waiting for mine too.

Topps Fantasy Team
All 9 teams won cards last week, the majority of my teams scored between 49-52 points this week.

I was hoping that by picking De Gea in net would have the reverse effect in yesterday's derby :(

Ross Barkley
I have two but depends how much you want to pay....

Topps Fantasy Team
Nope unless the postie has been today...

Topps Fantasy Team
Most of my teams got 56 points which hopefully will get me a few cards :)