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Match Attax Extra 14/15 - Club Together
I had 1516 codes in the end and was leading until the last day until Poole Town gazumped us and ended up redeeming 2109 codes!!

Match Attax Extra 14/15 - Club Together
Thanks to everyone who contributed towards our team's performance.

We answered our prize question correctly so we win a full squad kit and a week's adventure holiday!!!!

Once again on behalf our U11's thanks again.

Topps Fantasy Team
I finished off with 51 points, a great competition - just wished I have registered earlier.

Match Attax Extra 14/15 - Club Together
Tonight is the last day for registering codes for teams to Club Together to earn their Grassroots Club the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

If anyone has any spare codes could they please donate to Northside JFC Club ID Number 12098765322....

Thanks in advance people.

Topps Fantasy Team
My teams consisted of:

Hart - Terry - Bellerin - Cresswell - Hazard - Silva - Sterling/Coutinho - Cazorla - Kane - Sanchez - Aguero

Topps Fantasy Team
A pathetic score of 43 for all of my teams this week - quite certain that won't win me any cards....

Hey ho.

Topps Fantasy Team
everton fc
May 15 2015, 07:10 PM
May 15 2015, 03:07 PM
Received 10 today with a note saying P8 to follow.... WTF - LOL!!!

These were from the 25th April Gameweek.
if those are from the 25th. topps have sent me. one wrong card again. last week I sold 14 cards on ebay . I told him I had costa/clyne coming on saturday . so I will post monday he was happy with that . as we all know no cards turned up . so I had to send him my own 2 cards . cos he was giving me alot of money for them. can't make the lad wait. todays cards turned up but no clyne. plus the next two weeks I have won . for sure 14/.14 cards per week . didn't pick clyne tho . thank god costa turned up. now I have a big sweat on with 2 weeks to go. lol just hope topps have clyne. did anyone win him put get a not saying will follow like. schmeichel
I think the issue is just with Schmeichel - I received Clyne yesterday.

Topps Fantasy Team
Received 10 today with a note saying P8 to follow.... WTF - LOL!!!

These were from the 25th April Gameweek.

Topps Fantasy Team
I'm hoping 58 points will get a card - otherwise epic fail..... (x11)

Topps Fantasy Team
Aguero got a cool 21 points this week....

Match Attax Limited Editions (Various Collections)
Hi everyone,

I'm slowly getting through all of my inventory and noticed I have the following LE's available for sale.

Before these go on eBay I thought I would give Forum Members the opportunity to potentially buy them first.

All cards are in mint condition with sharp edges/corners.

I have the following:


LE2 - Jack Wilshere Silver and Bronze
LE6 - Kyle Walker Silver

13/14 Extra

LE1 - Yaya Toure Gold, Silver and Bronze

Match Attax England

LE1 - Wayne Rooney Gold and Bronze
LE3 - Cristiano Ronaldo Bronze
LE4 - Robin Van Persie - Silver and Bronze


Peter Crouch

PM me if interested.



Complete Set of Pro 11 Cards (All 20)
Another set of Pro 11 Cards has just been listed....

Only 99p start - ends Sunday.


Topps Fantasy Team
Points are now in and I managed to score 69 with 7 teams, 68 with 3 teams and 58 with mine....

Hopefully good for at least 10 cards.

I had:

De Gea - Cresswell - Ivanovic - Terry - Coutinho - Hazard - Fabregas - Cazorla - Downing - Sanchez - Aguero

Topps Fantasy Team
All 11 of my teams won cards this week - well happy with that one!!!