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Jul 20 2015, 06:43 AM
Without intending to incur the wrath of Portlaw (who obviously has strong Villa connections)....

Questions have to be asked of the Aston Villa contracting strategy, when you allow a loop-hole of an 8M release clause on one of your best (if not THE best) player at the Club.

I find it strange how football fans always vilify players for leaving their Club for two or three times the wages they are currently on - when not one of them wouldn't change jobs at the drop of a hat if they were offered the same kind of wage increase from another employer.

It's a shame to see yet another promising player's career effectively finish, because I predict he'll only feature in a handful of Man City games over the next few years. I reckon he'll be driving back to Villa Park (in a much fancier motor) in 4 or 5 years time to try and 'resurrect' his once promising career....

Nice card BTW Portlaw. I'd snap it up if I were a City fan!!!
Reggie - the clause could only be activated by a team playing in the Champions League, however at the time Delph signed his new deal didn't he only have 6 months left to run on it thus meaning he would have been a free agent anyhow? Delph was an instrumental figure with Benteke keeping Villa up although I'm not surprised Delph activated his clause himself when it seems Villa are selling all their best players. Personally I have never rated Delph, but as a City Fan I will welcome him with open arms. Agreed though he will probably play 2nd fiddle to the likes of Pogba (when he turns up) and Fernandinho.