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fantasy football 2013/14
In - Middle Eastlands

** BigErnst's Wishlist **
** Updated **

fantasy football 2013/14
Put me down for that too.

** BigErnst's Tradelist **
I have all of the Match Attax 12/13 to trade....

All 360 Base Cards
All 40 Star Signings/Players
All 60 Man Of The Match Cards
All 41 Legends
All 7 Hundred Clubs

PM me if you want to trade.

** BigErnst's Wishlist **
Hi everyone,

Here is my wishlist....

Match Attax 12/13

LE5 - Petr Cech
LE6 - Steven Gerrard
LE7 - Hatem Ben Arfa
LE8 - Vincent Kompany

Match Attax Extra 12/13

LE4 - Javier Hernandez

Hello from Manchester!
Ooops, busted!!!


Hello from Manchester!

Just thought i'd introduce myself to this forum.

As my son is an avid collector of Match Attax, I thought why not start to trade with them as there seems to be big demand for them.

So here I am, eagerly awaiting the new 13/14 Collection and ready to trade :)