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Feedback for matchattaxmasters22
Great trade! Thanks for the 2 bonus base cards!

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Game code disabling?
I heard that it is possible to unbind a game code that has been redeemed by re-entering it a second time

Is this true? I tried it and nothing happened.

Redeeming the game code
Jun 18 2014, 09:15 AM
Jun 18 2014, 08:44 AM
I wouldn't think it's the case; who cares if I redeemed a code of the Adrenalyn XL World Cup 2010 when you can do absolutely nothing with it right now? The same will be true of this collection in a month or two, so the sales value will in no way be affected.
This. Very few people play the game and it will be gone soon, so using the code won't devalue it in any way.
where I come from; a lot of the people are collectors who have actually never heard of online play..at all..

didn't hurt me one bit when I traded for cards with good play value (DF Rock Tiago Silva for example), use the code and then sold/traded the card

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Casillas LE
Gotze LE
Hero Neuer
Hero Casillas

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SP Keisuke Honda

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Samuel Eto'o

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Edin Džeko
Georgios Samaras
Kostas Mitroglou

have some base cards also, PM me link to your wishlist and I'll take a look

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