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Cesc Fabregas Bronze Limited Edition available with Kick! Magazine
From the Toppsfootball.co.uk website (News section):

Kick Magazine! will be launching a very special exclusive edition on the 3rd Dec where you can find the bronze Cesc Fabregas Limited Edition Card along with a packet of Match Attax within magazines in ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco.

Look out for this awesome edition from Kick!

Please note the general Kick! magazine will also be on sale outside the mentioned stores but will not include the Bronze Fabregas Limited Edition Card.

Furthermore, the Fabregas Bronze Limited Edition Card will also be available as a pre-registration incentive for the April Half Term Swap Shops. Pre-registration date TBC.

Topps Fantasy Team
managed to get 67 points this week so hopefully enough. i stupidly left my pro 11 pick in place from 2 weeks so looks like i have an aguero swap on the way!

as for portlaw's question above, my guess is that the 2 sets of fixtures will all be included as 1 week. anyone disagree?

Topps Fantasy Team
Jack Buxton
Nov 1 2014, 02:42 PM
aaarrghh missed out by 1 point!!! my son is gutted, and so am i come to think of it :)
how bizarre!!!

postman delivered an envelope this afternoon addressed to my son that looked strangely like a topps Pro 11 envelope. My son has just come home to open and unbelievably they have sent us a card for last week when we came 541st and missed out by a point!

He is one very happy chappy.....

Christian Eriksen LE
Has anyone picked up one of these today at all?

They didnt have a clue what i was talking about in our local shop. Will try further afield tomorrow but i suppose shops wont want to put new stock out until they sell their existing stock?

Weekly topps fantasy game tips
This week gone with
Luis, Chambers, Ivanovic
Hazard, Jedinak, Mahrez, Ramsey
Costa, Aguero, Welbeck

Topps Fantasy Team
aaarrghh missed out by 1 point!!! my son is gutted, and so am i come to think of it :)