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Road To Uefa Euro 2016
I wonder if they will do a Nordic Edition for this collection.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
I can confirm that the prize was sent on 21st March.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition

To everybody reading this, I am sorry. The competition messed up and it was my fault. The next time I host a competition, I will make sure to take these important points in mind.

The prize will be sent to Eli Robinson, of Tacoma WA, USA.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
So what can I do at this stage to clear up my actions?

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
Thanks. I just tried to grow my channel but I guess that it was just a bad idea doing a competition at this stage.

And also, as you know BEST, why don't you give us a 'masterclass' on how to do a contest? I guess I would need it because I am totally helpless..

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
Ok Phild, as I see you are very strict on these matters, I will edit the video.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
a viewer in america who isn't on this forum. obviously, for confidentiality i can not say his actual name.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
here is the video: https://youtu.be/iQUtXi5ryqA

Panini Adrenalyn CL 14/15 update
is road to euro 2016 out?

Adrenalyn XL Süpergoll Released in Turkey
After what has been a long wait, Panini has released Adrenalyn XL SüperGol in Turkey. I will have a box break in my channel soon, a link of which should be in my signature.

  • Starter Packs (Binder + 3 Packs + Play Pitch + Game Rules)
  • Multipacks w/ 6 Packets + Limited Edition Card (Random)
  • Packs (Players per pack)

I will add images once I can get access to a computer (I am away).

Bye for now,

【Help】any body have Adrenalyn XL Calciatori for swap or sell
i can send tevez campioni from calciatori 14-15. pm me.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
Ok Phild. The video will be up in the next few days. Channel link is in my signature.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
Hi Phild, fine. The person who entered was from America and isn't on this forum. I will post a video of me preparing his mail as proof that I sent him his stuff.


Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
Right, let's get this straight. I started the competition in the middle of February and cancelled it on the 10th of March. In one whole month of waiting, I got just ONE, yes, 1 entry. I wasn't going to give out the prize to a competition with one entry, so I cancelled it.

I might use the ONE entry as inspiration or as a template for my own real channel banner.

I hope this has cleared up everything, so have a nice day.

Official CL Adrenalyn XL 14/15 Limited Editions thread
LE Eden Hazard in Turkish Pocket Tin.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
I meant use it as inspiration or an idea to make another banner. Seriously.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
i don't know. maybe..

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition
Hi Tollyman, I have been VERY busy with studies and haven't had the time to go on the forum on the eighth.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition

Match Attax Extra Bundesliga 14/15 First Details
I don't think 23 cards is a good deal for €10, even if the collection has less cards. It looks like Match Attax prices are going up..