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Lost Post
I once ordered some sleeves and toploaders off ebay from different sellers. These weren't sent tracked, and after I had waited for a considerate amount of time, the packages - neither of them - had arrived. I did contact the sellers, and they said that they would look further into the issue however I never received a reply. After about a month, the two packages, which as I said were from two different sellers in two different locations (but both in the UK), arrived taped together with a plastic band. So the two items arrived together, meaning that they most probably stopped at customs and took long to carry on on their journey to my house.

This proves that customs in certain countries (I am in Turkey) are very slow.

Feedback for pnchocolates
I forgot to leave feedback straight after our trade, sorry! Great trade, well packaged and arrived quickly! Thanks!

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2014-15 Immaculate Basketball
The link doesn't seem to work. Could you please post another one?

Road to EURO 2016 Sticker Album
While on holiday in Greece, I stumbled upon a football magazine which includes the Road to UEFA sticker album and 15 stickers as a gift. The magazine itself cost 3.90 so I was quite happy with what I received.

I will try to get some images and scans for this page once I get home; do watch this space.