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Help us choose players for an upcoming football card game and win a free deck!
Thanks for all the great responses, really appreciate it. We've decided our campaign will be in the time of EURO (10 June - 10 July), so all of your suggestions are welcomed until June 10th.

@JackW, you're spot on with your comment! Using names and images does involve paying the rights to their owners however we deliberately decided to take a different approach in the overall card design and player names to add a bit of mystery and enjoyment when discovering the players who served as inspiration.
You're right, challenging the big boys does involve a lot of marketing expense but we're doing it as one of our fun little projects. We'd be more than happy if the cards get funded on Kickstarter. Any bigger success would be bonus.

Help us choose players for an upcoming football card game and win a free deck!
Hi guys :D, I'm Matt from Foxwood Collective. We're a small design studio in London and we'll be launching a fun football card game called Scrimmage!

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The game is aimed for 2-4 players, featuring skills, tactics and luck ... just like a real football match! The aim is to outscore and outsmart your opposition and use all the tricks in the book!

Scrimmage will feature more than 100 player cards, inspired by the players representing their countries on Euro 2016 and we would love to hear your suggestions which players to include and what nicknames to give them! The best 3 suggestions in this topic will win their own free deck of Scrimmage cards.

Scrimmage is scheduled to go live on Kickstarter on May 26th. This is also the date until we're open to your suggestions. You can find more info on www.scrimmagecards.com