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We won the Club Together and they gave us an A5 print of the Eden Hazard card that he signed and gave to every child...they said there was a delay with the printing so we didnt get and ACTUAL card
Whilst I think that every year there should be a change or evolution in the cards/ design I dont think this particular design is any better than last year....last years seemed pretty good to me
I would be interested to know if Topps do any kind of market research with kids as to what they like or dislike about the design....every time I try to speak to anyone there about my ideas etc nobody seems really to have any interest in listening....or maybe they just dont like me!
I have heard that there will be much more focus on the website, that Hero Packs will be back...but different (I assume not so easy to find) and that there are 100 Harry Kane signed cards to be found
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