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Oct 25 2016, 04:58 PM
We went to Manchester today which took us just over 2 hours to get there and it was absolute rubbish. Cramped into a small area in a shopping mall. Was told you had to win two games before taking on a master which my son did eventually. Reps did not keep tabs on players. Some used teams over 100 mill while others made up rules as you went along. Even the master made sure he would not lose, straight away took out my sons top card with the injury card, Then claimed away kits count as two goals (No where in the rules did I read that one) and even mixed his subs up so we did not know who was in his 11. Total farce.
That is unfortunately a lesson we learnt too at the first event we went to but having been to a few now we have learnt how to deal with it and try to make sure it is a little fairer for u

The rules of live play at these events is very different to online at toppsfootball.co.uk which I think is ridiculous...surely the rules should be the same??

In live play you get TWO Tactic Cards and online you get one

The Masters seem to be able to use their Tactic Cards as and when but always claim we can not use ours at times we want to

Using the Injury Card is a fair tactic though

I appreciate that in order to win a Master Card it should be reasonably tough to win the card....but it also needs to be fair

There seems to be a little 'Elite' club of the same kids who go to all the events as Masters who stick together with their own rules....and the adult Topps representative allow the kids to get away with it...and if the rules are that the kids have to be 13/ 14 or under to compete how is it fair that the Masters are over that....if the Master who was there today and yesterday with all that facial hair is under that age I would be amazed!!

The little 'Elite' even gang up and collude with each other...last year at the Chelsea Swap and Play Tour my boy beat one of the previous Masters in a Quarter Final match only for his mate to then pass on to his other mate who we had in the next round the details of all of the cards we had in our deck so he knew which cards to play and when

This is just one of so many things that Topps do wrong that alienate so many people against them...but don't get me started on that or I will be typing until Christmas!!
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