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I thought this year that the Masters were fair and in fact I thought yesterday topps had the organisation for the Match Attax games to beat the master spot on at the Milton Keynes Topps Festival. Last year was not good at all and I have attended at least one topps october event and at least one April swap and play tour for every year they have produced the Match Attax cards, so I thought yesterday was possibly one of my best experiences at one of their events! I am 18, nearly 19 and played and beat one of the Masters yesterday so there is no age rule to have a go to try to beat the Master, it is only for the World Championship events at the Swap and Play Tours in April does the age restriction of being 14 and under apply.

The two Masters at yesterday's Topps Festival in Brindan and Ollie, are incredibly nice people and if you ask them, then they will always be happy to help give you advice and ideas about how to craft or change your team so that you stand a better chance the next time. I actually spent a long time speaking to Brindan's dad at yesterdays event and he, like Brindan, is a very lovely person who is always happy to help and explain things to you. I know how much effort Brindan has put in and for the amount of hours he has invested, so he more than deserves to be in the position he is! I myself am also happy to help explain to younger children and their parents looking to play the game how to set up a team and how to be tactical with the team in order to have the best chance of winning, as I have won a Master Card at every topps October half term event for each of the Premier League Match Attax collections.

I do agree that unfortunately there are some 'regulars' on the Match Attax World Championships/Master players that aren't particularly nice and are incredibly arrogant and big headed and they have in the past when they have been Masters have cheated to win and I myself have been on the receiving end, but a lot of those players I notice have not been invited back to be Masters at any of this years events. This year, unlike previous years, at MK there always appeared to be a member of topps staff at the games, checking how they were going and intervening if they needed to, but perhaps it wasn't as organised as yesterdays event and perhaps less staff were able to attend compared to yesterday due to the event not being as close to topps HQ, as I heard a number of staff yesterday say to colleagues they had walked from the office to get there.

Topps have also made things fairer by allowing people to only enter the World Championships in April at one venue, which means that 'elite' can no longer turn up to every event until they book their place in the World Finals. Also i believe that the online game doesn't have the capabilities to have two tactic cards or to be able to allow away kit cards to score two goals, so that is why it is different online.

By no means am I trying to defend topps here or some of the people who regularly appear on the Match Attax World Championship/Master event scenes, as I appreciate that they still have many faults (one of many is that they do need to make the rules for the event play a lot clearer and more publicised so people don't turn up and leave disappointed because they cant build a team that meets the requirements.) and I also appreciate that people may have had different experiences to me, but I do speak with experience of attending many, many, many events over the years and I do think that they aren't as bad as they used to be and that things are becoming a lot better and fairer for Match Attax players and I think that we will see further improvements at the World Championships during the April Swap and Play Tours.
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