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You can win quite comfortably by still using a 17m 101 card, as I did. With Match Attax there are multiple ways of being successful, its just about how you play the cards against your opponent and recognising what they might have etc. and trying to think a few moves ahead.

Regarding the tactic cards having 2 tactic cards makes games far closer believe it or not, its simply about how you use them and how you might counter the tactic cards your opponent may have. Only having 1 would more or less defeat the objective of them in the tournament game play, because most players would pick the Agent card to add 5m to the budget in order to have more of the better players. I am not saying that everyone could and it would be the only way to win, because its not and as I have stated above, there are multiple ways of winning, but it would just make teams more predictable, so easier for experienced players such as the Master to guess the opponents team, so by having two it makes it more difficult to guess what team your opponent has and which tactic cards they have and how they will use it. I do agree regarding this years away kit cards though, due to the ratings and value of those cards it means they aren't as useful as they were last year in game play, but they are a nice feature for the collection rather than from a game play perspective.

Regarding the adults not being allowed to play rule, unfortunately that is poor communication from the staff at topps then, as here is a comment on their twitter account confirming that anyone of any age can challenged the master, that I saw they posted out a few weeks back:
S&P tournaments = U-14. Topps Festival= any age!
link to tweet: https://twitter.com/ToppsMatchAttax/status/783325114762989568
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