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I messaged topps match attax yesterday via facebook (Don't use facebook as a rule) and got the following reply.

Hi Richard,

Firstly let me apologise for the fact that you did not enjoy the Topps Festival event in Manchester.

Unfortunately we do not have any control over the size of the area provided to us at the shopping malls and due to the overwhelming support that we had at this event, outnumbering the anticipated response, it was extremely busy for both staff and guests.

The points you have made regarding the gameplay have been noted and this will be addressed with the staff who will be working at future events and ask that if you should attend another and not be happy with a rule that you are quoted, please approach a member of Topps Staff in attendance so clarification can be made immediately. It would appear that information was miscommunicated to you on the age limit as this rule is in place for the world tournament events but not for playing the masters.

Due to the fact that you were so disappointed I will arrange for some Match Attax cards to be sent to you should you supply me your full address details.

Again I apologise to both you and your son and hope that this experience does not have a negative effect on your future enjoyment of the collection.
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