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Match Attax Mac
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Oct 25 2016, 05:23 PM

The little 'Elite' even gang up and collude with each other...last year at the Chelsea Swap and Play Tour my boy beat one of the previous Masters in a Quarter Final match only for his mate to then pass on to his other mate who we had in the next round the details of all of the cards we had in our deck so he knew which cards to play and when

This is just one of so many things that Topps do wrong that alienate so many people against them...but don't get me started on that or I will be typing until Christmas!!
Yo, I didn't reply until now, despite disagreeing with a lot that some people have said on this topic. But that bit at the end really ticked me off. The "little elite" are long term, dedicated collectors, a group of CHLIDREN who don't know each other, but from three or four years attending events have recognised each other and gotten friendly (usually still only socialise at events or online though.) Your boy beat me last year in the qfs for the sole reason that I forgot my team(I probably wouldn't have won the tournament anyway), hence why I was quite upset. He's quite good for his age, can't put that against him, but I wouldn't put him near your "elite" players, not even close. And wtf is that about cheating? The only "mate I had was my little bro and he'd played previously. If anything, Harry knew Jacks cards because the team was predictable or, although unlikely, saw the end of our match if his finished first. And I wouldn't be moaning about how "fair" it is. You're a grown man with platinum limited editions coming out your ear holes and the whole collection in double after a week's release.
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