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Personally I consider age irrelevant as I am… old and my 12 year old beats me most of the time, I presume he is being referred to as one of the “Elite” but hand on heart I can say he has never cheated. It took him years to get to his first World Finals.
We went to Manchester on Tuesday and he managed to beat Brindan 2nd try and beat the “bearded” Ollie first go. Both of these Masters are really genuine nice kids and would not cheat in my opinion.
My lad’s team only added up to 99.5M and they were using the Agent so really it is all about tactics.
However, if he comes up against a Kante Platinum he will have no chance, this year is the first year money will buy you the World Title unless Topps Exclude the use of the Platinums. Basically if they are allowed then the winner will be the richest kid!!!
A team with Stones and Kante Platinum’s also allows a 101 in the team aswell.
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