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Match Attax Mac
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Oct 28 2016, 12:00 PM
Oct 28 2016, 07:08 AM
At Lakeside, Lewis said that the suggestion here was that he and Harry had cheated "passed a card" at the London event! What a load of bull, Harry works hard to get the very best match team he can have and to switch are card and still maybe add up to 100m in a tournament is ludicrous. No one, let alone Harry would even take the risk. And Harry is considered one of the best because he is good at it and was the Semi-Finalist at the World Championship, knocked out by Brindan who is the three time World Champion going on to win it. This is why he is so good and this is why Topps once again chose him as the MATCH ATTAX MASTER alongside Brindan at Lakeside yesterday, I'm proud of the boy!
If you read what was put in the first message I said that he was told what cards we had by the person who was overseeing the game for Topps

I never said that any of the players cheated directly...but when someone tells you what cards your opponent has it is pretty easy to manipulate a game in your favour...and I am sure if that tactic was used against your child everyone here would be slightly disgruntled by that

I have no problem losing on a fair playing field but that is not very fair as far as I am concerned

I also appreciate that the Masters do put in time and effort and to play as many games as they do at these tournaments as they do and lose as few as they do is commendable and an achievement
Sorry for misreading it. But you're still implying he cheated.
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