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Match Attax Mac
Oct 29 2016, 10:04 AM
Oct 28 2016, 10:59 PM
Oct 27 2016, 10:19 PM
Great point Pete. If is a definate unfair advantage if these cards are allowed. I completely agree with your point about the so called elite. I have met most of these kids a few times and there is no arrogance about them whatsoever. They love the game and spend hours upon hours studying the cards, the tactics and practicing so i dont understand how someone can go to a tournament and expect to win a mastercard when they havent even taken the time to read the tournament rules which are clearly printed on the stationary that comes with the binder and several other topps items. If they read those they would understand the tactic cards and away cards. Practice and hard work is the key to success, you cant just turn up and expect to beat the kids who put the time in.
I never stated we expected to turn up and win a card, Also it does not state on the how to play sheet that away kits count double. My son played a few games and each time had an opponents stating a different rule and the staff was no help.
I think that in the starter pack/collector guide, something g like that, it has info on all the subsets and states that away kits score double points.
Ah yes I found it you can score two points for one round only, however it does not state that on the pitch rules sheet and it did not state it on the board that was at the event as I read it. There was one kid who was adamant that once we used all 11 players we had to use our subs to finish the game while another stated for a tied card you both get a goal. This is what i mean on different players stating different rules. I understand it was busy and there was limited staff but allowing this to happen will put kids off playing. This was our first festival and both me and my son only ever played on line so you can see how the confusion occurred. The online game should match the actual game play rules as this maybe the only place some people get to practice.
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