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Hi Alan
The link just takes me to a generic Topps page rather than specific to this collection. Is this possibly because the ordering period is now closed for last weeks?

Not particularly delighted about this new collection, as it's pretty much a 'blink and you miss it' thing - was checking daily for the Panini Instant ones during Euro 2016 and luckily there was only one Palace player (which is what I collect) - Cabaye, and I was able to get it in time. Even so, it was far from instant, as despite paying about 30 for postage it took nearly a month to arrive grrr!

I know that the Premier League is something of a 'global' league, so in some respects I expect them to feature in the main the biggest 'star' players from the 'famous' clubs, they don't make it easy for us over here.

This will now become my weekly Monday morning ritual - check to make sure no Palace cards have been made!
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Topps NOW moves into Premier League · Champions League Showcase 2016