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Jack Buxton
Nov 17 2016, 08:09 AM
Hi John, welcome.

Topps really are hit and miss when sending cards. Last season i found they would go spells when they would send cards regularly then miss 2 to 3 weeks and send them together in a catch up week. This season seems no different, they started well but have now missed a couple of weeks but i have just had some through at the beginning of this week
And if previous form is anything to go by don't expect anything 2 weeks either side of Christmas either

You would also think that they would have some sort of system on their computer that would detect that multiples are going to one house and they would put them all in the same envelope....rather than posting out up to SIX envelopes each with 1 card in rather than just one with all 6 cards in....they would save so much on postage/ packaging that way
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