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Dec 19 2016, 07:31 PM
To date I have had 7 of 32 cards I completed the set 3 weeks ago, same happened last year luckily I made a proper log and will be emailing "incoming" tomorrow how is everyone else doing.
After 3-4 not so nice emails too their support team regarding why am i not receiving several weeks worth of pro11 cards that i won, they replayed back that only one account per person is aloud, and i had five accounts at my address the same name...WELL DER !!, Myself ,wife & three kids have the same surname , thats the only same name we have, everyone of us use a different email address and have the proper personal details in our accounts,

They finally saw sense and started sending our cards again in week 15, But have only just got week 16 through the post today, In total we have lost 30+ cards whilst they decided to stop sending them too us, Will never see them again, will have to win them again over the coming weeks to complete some sets,
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