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Match Attax Mac
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Again, coming back to this, I have two more things to add. The first is that if anybody has not yet been made aware; there is a champions league match attax tournament for 7-9 year olds and prizes include being a mascot for the champions league final this year. So if anybody is or has a 7-9 year old, I'd make sure get down to one of the swap and play tours.
Second thing:
This may be made a separate topic, but also linked to tournaments. I cannot help but feel that matchattax (6-14 yrs target audience) is becoming pay-to-win, where the kids with the richest parents will win. This is also a reason why I think the old rules (2007-2013) are more suited to the game. For example, any team with john stones and Kante PLEs and a whole bunch of other high rated players will undoubtedly win unless the player has no clue how to play.
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