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Mar 2 2017, 02:08 PM
surely no one is daft enough to be collecting these as a set ?? they are not worth 10 each as a single and as a set you would be lucky to get 200 for them. flimsy with uninspiring photo matter,but that said,if it's your team or favorite player featured then I can see the attraction, just.
I agree that 10 a card is crazy and I have been doing deals with sellers on eBay so managing to so far have a complete collection without having to spend that much on each card
This is the first time they have done anything like this in the UK so having a complete set of the first set might eventually have some value
And if we were to all break down what we have spent and the value of what we have if we were to sell everything we would probably all be well out of pocket....I, as I am sure many others here, enjoy the challenge of collecting and completing sets and the cost, whilst of course remaining sensible about it, isn't the real issue....after all we have all probably spent 1000s on what is basically images printed on small pieces of card!!
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