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Match Attax Mac
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Mar 21 2017, 11:00 AM
Match Attax Mac
Mar 21 2017, 08:24 AM
Again, coming back to this, I have two more things to add. The first is that if anybody has not yet been made aware; there is a champions league match attax tournament for 7-9 year olds and prizes include being a mascot for the champions league final this year. So if anybody is or has a 7-9 year old, I'd make sure get down to one of the swap and play tours.
Second thing:
This may be made a separate topic, but also linked to tournaments. I cannot help but feel that matchattax (6-14 yrs target audience) is becoming pay-to-win, where the kids with the richest parents will win. This is also a reason why I think the old rules (2007-2013) are more suited to the game. For example, any team with john stones and Kante PLEs and a whole bunch of other high rated players will undoubtedly win unless the player has no clue how to play.
Then surely the game is becoming a reflection of football in general....the club(s) who have the biggest backer and financial power are, year in-year out, the teams who do best
The chances of anybody having all of the Platinum cards is very low and even having PLEs is no guarantee of winning...no point having high ranked defenders if you have got to a position where the opponent has control and is going to defend every go!!
Whilst clearly having high ranked players helps the higher ranked cards are still capable of losing battles so the top players should be able to combat this
I agree with the first part. In a way they are rewarding hardcore collectors. However as a reflection of football, if every player on one team is better technically and physically, then it doesn't matter how good the manager is, 9/10 games, the team will still lose.
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