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Apr 2 2017, 11:25 AM
Apr 2 2017, 11:19 AM
Apr 2 2017, 11:15 AM
The prices on some of the items for sale on his eBay make my eyes water.

Surely the idea of buying to sell on at a profit is to actually price the items so they will sell. I can't see how the majority of the 'rare' cards listed at the moment will have a sniff of interest. Therefore, are not making any money as they are too highly priced.

Oh, and a bit of friendly advice about the 'rare' new pound coin dated 2016 that you are trying to sell for 50 - there were half a BILLION minted. It's worth a pound mate.
If only the cards did have the value he is trying to sell for....I could sell my cards and retire if they did!

To be honest, I think a bit of research and common sense is all it needs. He should have a look on eBay, see what cards are selling for, how often they appear etc.

I can't see the logic in buying something for say 200, trying to sell it for 1000 and having no interest due to the card being worth nowhere near that amount. That means that you are 200 down and no nearer to making any money back on it.

And as the term 'business' is being thrown about....surely buying something for 200 and turning a profit of say 50-100 in a week or two is the way it works....buying something and hanging on to it for a year before it sells it not!
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