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100 Club
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They look nice and bright this year

Interesting to see who the 100 Clubs and LEs would be...I guess it will depend on when the cut-off point for the decisions on these are...I suspect there will be a few more superstars arriving in the Premier League in the next couple of weeks

100 Club goalkeeper must be Courtois....De Gea, Cech and Lloris have been 100 Clubs or LEs in the last few years
100 Club defender will probably be Kyle Walker after what he did last year and his big money move
100 Club midfielder could be DeBruyne as top assister or maybe Kante after back to back Prem wins
100 Club striker could be Lukaku or maybe Morata

These are all kind of based on the fact that some of the other choice have already been LEs or 100 Clubs in the last few years...Kane would probably be the striker but he featured last year

Anyone else got any thoughts?
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