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Jul 29 2017, 09:27 AM
I think the best news is the expanded 100 clubs. Do you think this will be along the lines of the Champions League 100 clubs where there were 11 different 100 clubs. As a seller I think this is great news if I was a buyer then maybe not so much. But for Topps the more 100 clubs the more money for them so I can see why it would be extended. So if there were 11 100 clubs who would it be?
Mine would be:
GK - Courtois
Defenders - Walker (only because of the price) - David Luiz :)
Midfielders - De Bruyne - Kante - Ozil ? - Countino
Forwards - Kane - Lukaku - Lacazette - Rooney (hopefully not)

Also the brand new foil sets sound interesting
Deli must be in there somewhere Mike and next year Kyle Walker-Peters maybe.
I'd love to see Topps do some cards like the late 1970's which were colourful and informative.

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