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I've also bought cards at WH Smith and McColls and buy/sell cards on ebay as a collector and for my children. To be honest, if I didn't sell some cards on ebay, I wouldn't be able to afford the cards in the first place - certainly not for 3 interested children! To have a chance of getting the more "valuable" Limited edition cards, I now only buy at WH Smith and McColls - to me this is the main issue - I would normally shop at my local newsagent but, because of the way that the cards are distributed/marketed, I can't afford to - this really is a form of restraint of trade. Why not have limited Edition cards available in all stores, but just for the first month or so? (as per the folders with Viduka, Rosicky etc Ltd editions from a few years ago). The signed cards have also gone mad this year, with 3 different cards in 3 different places!
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