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Legends Cards are available only at Tesco's - they have signed an exclusive deal with Topps for the rights. You get 7 cards in a pack at Tescos, 1 legends card in every pack. There are 46 Legends cards according to the blurb on the Match Attax Tesco pkt. I have got 40 of them, I will be uploading photos of the special ones I've got which are:
MOTM International Master - Eusebio(Portugal)
100 Club International Master - Bobby Moore(England)
100 Club International Master - Pele(Brazil)
100 Club International Master - Maradona(Argentina)
Star Legends - Ronaldo(Brazil), Alan Shearer(England), Michel Platini(France), Karl Heinz Rummenigge(Germany), Marco Van Basten(Holland),
and Roberto Baggio(Italy).
I have 30 International Legend base cards aswell - I am amazed that Johan Cruyff and Gary Lineker are just base cards - surely they deserve to be in the 100 Club or MOTM bracket aswell?
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