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After hunting around various newsagents , I've finally found a leaflet !
Went into a 'Premier' newsagent and asked the guy about the leaflets . After a couple of minutes of puzzled looks , he lifted a pile of paper and books off his counter and there they were, underneath !
"These you mean ? " he said !! ....." how many do you want ?" !!!! :)
Got one for me , one for my son and one for a mate ;)
Didnt have to buy any MA to get them but brought a couple of packs out of courtesy cos he was such a helpful fella !
He is on the Topps website as a stockist but went into another newsagent who was down as a stockist and he doesnt even sell them , so I guess its down to pot luck and plenty of footwork !
Anyway , 10 empty packs in the post ....... :cheers
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