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Sir Roger Hunt
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Dear Topps UK

Right now, in the States, you make upwards of 8 different brands of Baseball cards alone along with zillions of other sports collections. Do you have plans to try and create the same kind of situation in the UK ? please say no. One of the main differences between the UK card market and the N.American market is the US obsession with rookie cards and limited editions. Have you thought of helping fund the launch of a collectors magazine in the UK to try and hype up the different areas of collecting - create a new market with values for rookie cards etc ? Older and rarer UK cards with out a doubt do not attract the prices US cards do. Are you thinking of ways to try and win UK collectors over from stickers, especially in sports collections ? Are you thinking of venturing into cricket or rugby ?

One last questions - have you thought of cross pollinating cards from the UK into US sets and vice versa - making them special limited collectibles ?
There are plenty of US basketball, baseball and hockey players who are huge soccer fans....who you could feature dressed up in their favourite team's kit...and have them as chase cards in UK sets - and vice versa...(OK that was a daft question/suggestion...)

Perhaps you could consider two UK Premier League card set ? One Match Attax for the kids say 220 cards with a binder - and one regular set, featuring say 25 players from each squad with stats on the back - with 50 special chase cards for a set of say 550 ?


Sir Roger
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